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Frankenstein Laboratory & Bard

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This is The Frankenstein Laboratory after his escape:

Frankenstein lab 4-1-2010 10-03-49 PM 773x875.BMP

The bard of the drowned:

Bard 4-14-2010 5-00-00 PM 868x1120

And a chatroulette family:

Husband 4-14-2010 4-56-06 PM 346x467 Wife 4-14-2010 4-57-23 PM 363x474

And on final the Q/A:

Q: Do you draw cats?

A: Yes ! I can draw anything. The problem if is a successful one or not… The drawing skills for animals is somehow near the giraffe posted in earlier.



Chatroulette Portraits

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I bet you know the
BAD: For those who don’t know there is about 10% chances to see for 2-3 seconds some genitals ( the time till you report them or they run quick so you don’t have time to report them or else about 10 minutes theirs video camera is banned).
NICE : You get the equivalent of posemaniacs but with faces, often 2-3 minutes of ‘life’ drawing if they agree (I show them a paper where i write "I DRAW YOU 2-3 MINUTES !!")
There are some challenges tough, various light conditions, they move, etc.,
If you think 3 minutes is to long, think again, on those 2-3 minutes half of the time is of course spend on study theirs faces so you must find quick the landmarks of the faces so if they are bored quicker at least you have something to show them.
I spend 2-3 minutes in the drawings, effective drawing the lines maybe under one minute per face below, so its some very fast exercises


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