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Carte MtG făcută cu Magic Set Editor

Hai că mi-am amintit de asta, să o continui…

I begin to make details, overall I will just develop this form

It seems I keep the wheels like this way:

Another try:

This is a 100% size portion, at this lvl of detail I try to work all picture:

Redimension to 4000/3000 pixels, changing the wheel perspective :

Making the wheel variable to lower energy needed to rotate it.

4.It seems the image start to stay a story for me, till now was some random doodles who try to take in account the perspective rules, but now it seems like a channel/river making city like machine… wtf maybe I shortcut that name with “Riverformer” a part of some terraformer concept:

3.Because the 1% brush size its not small enough I was forced to resize to a bigger one 2800+/1400+ this because with the base brush I use now can go more detailed in drawing:

2.Next day:

1. First stage from a landscape 2000+/1000+ pixels WIP.
4 Layers, 3 are for structures and one for background…
Made it in Artrage 2.0


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